Publishing is how you make your apps available to customers and testers. Umajin provides several ways to do this, unlike other platforms.

Publishing Apps

Choosing Publish from the Umajin Editor menu provides four different options. Umajin Editor provides a
procedure for guiding you through the requirements for each option. The choices are:

  1. Publish to Umajin Editor Lite
    • Share and test work in progress on device: iOS, Android, Windows desktop, Mac desktop.
    • You can share your app with up to 5 people to help test.
    • You can also use your Umajin Editor username and password to login to Umajin Editor Lite.
  2. Publish to the iOS or Android App stores.
    • Also for preparing to package desktop apps for Mac and Windows.
  3. Publish to Umajin Portal
    • Login protected portal for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac desktops.
    • When you login to the Umajin Portal you will only see your project/s listed inside.
  4. Publish Raw App Files.
    • Generate files only.


To publish your project on Umajin Portal or Umajin Editor Lite is a relatively easy process. Contact us
for more information about setting up the Umajin Portal for your company.

To publish to stores using Umajin Editor, there are quite a few steps to undertake.  You will need
information about your company to set up developer accounts for the relevant stores, add certificates and
other security information, then add your marketing messages for the store page.  This is all explained in
more detail in the sections below:


Let us know if you have any questions about publishing that are not
answered in the documentation.