The Circle Component draws a perfect circle of maximum size that fits within the rectangle bounds of the component.
As the component resizes to different device resolutions the bounding box of the component can skew and change shape but the circle will always remain a perfectly round circle centered within it.

Setting up a Circle

All you need to do is add the circle component to your page and then select a color for it.

Make sure the color is different from your background in order to see it. The Circle Component’s default colour is white so if your page background colour is also white it may not look visible to start with.

Properties for Circle Component

Fill ColorThis is the colour of the circle.
Opacity┬áThis is the alpha channel and dictates how ‘see through’ the circle appears.


Events that can Trigger an Action on the Circle Component


On PressAction occurs when you touch or click within the rectangle bounding box of the Circle Component.