The Video component allows you to show a MP4 video file from your project.

The video can be set to play automatically. Other ways to control playback are by clicking/touching the video to play/pause, or using the Actions “Play Video” or “Stop Video”.

There is another way to play video, suitable for mobile devices especially, which is the action “Play Fullscreen Video”. This will play the video taking over the whole device screen to give the user the best possible view, and providing the controls of the native operating system.

Overlapping components

If a Video component is overlapped by another Umajin component, it will be replaced by the image given in the “hidden filename” property. This will occur even if it’s only the outline of the component that overlaps, not the actual content inside it.

Umajin displays your application using a graphics engine, like a game, allowing 3D graphics and effects. However some components use “native” controls, such as text entry or web browser. These will always be displayed over top of the rest of Umajin’s display. Umajin will hide them if another Umajin component needs to go over top (such as a menu).


Position and Size

Sets position and size. As long as measurements are maintained as percentages it deals automatically with dynamic layout and resizing for different devices and orientations.

You can use millimeters to control keep physical size consistent across devices.

Video filenameThe name of a mp4 file in your project videos folder.
Preview filenameThe name of an image that will be displayed when the video is not playing.
Hidden filenameThe name of an image that will be displayed if the video is covered by something else.
Loop videoIf set, then the video will start playing again at the beginning when it reaches the end.
Auto playIf set, then the video will start playing immediately that the page becomes visible.


The following events can be used to instigate Actions from the Video component.

On CompletionEvent occurs when the video reaches the end.


You can use the actions “Play Video” or “Stop Video” with this component.