Google Analytics

Umajin’s Cloud Services provide the ability to use Google Analytics with your Project.

Analytics Overview

Analytics can help you to measure the effectiveness of your Project and track the activity of your users.

These reports are available in real time and are viewable within a simple visual reporting tool.

Because the Umajin Editor can be used for so many wide and varied use cases, we have designed an analytics system that is equally flexible.

When you build your Projects, you are able to rig them with triggers that will log data to reporting and presentation tools.

How to use Google Analytics

  1. Sign up for Google Analytics –
  2. Create a new mobile project
  3. Get that new projects google analytics tracking id like UA……….
  4. Go to the script in the scripts folder
  5. On the first page of the project add the “GA Set TrackingID” action to on_before_page_show, specify the tracking id found in step 3.
  6. ON any other pages you can add the action “GA Screenview”
  7. For any important “events” such as submitting a form, you can use the “GA Event” action.

For more help setting up your Google Analytics account go here


GA Screenview – Records how many times a user has visited that page. You usually would put this on an “After Page Loads” event.

  • screenname – type in a name that relates to the screen that this action is on

Further help can be found here

GA Event – Records an event that you create. GA Events has 4 parameters, that could be used for such things as downloading a pdf, redeeming a loyalty card, or collecting a loyalty stamp.

  • category – if you have multiple websites or apps being recorded by google analytics, you can enter a category name to group the analytics for that app or website together.
  • event_name – give the event an appropriate name relating to the call to action (you can use the dropdown to get this name from the feed). Usually this is the type of interaction e.g. ‘play’
  • event_label – if you need to categorize your event, you can enter a label. If your call to action button is in a feed, you might use the drop down to enter in the label from the feed.
  • event_value – a number associated with the event

Further help on Google Analytics Events can be found here