Data Driven Actions

Data Driven Actions

Clear Filter on a Feed ListSelect a Feed List that has a search/filter applied and clear that filter.
Hide Component if emptyThe reverse of Show if empty, this will hide the component if the parameter is empty, used with Feed fields or global variables, i.e. use the square bracket replacements.
Reset Feed ListResets to the top of the Feed List.
Reset Product ListResets to the top of the Product List.
Set Animated Feed Item IndexSet up a change in the flow of the items that are being shown/viewed. Having created an Animated Feed Component, select that Component from the dropdown and then set the mode to change the flow of items to either ‘Show Next’ or ‘Show Previous’.
Set Disabled when emptyDisables a button on a page if the parameter is empty, could be a global variable.
Set Feed Item URLSpecify a URL to load a Feed Item View. Square brackets can be used in the URL to substitute a parameter.
Set Feed Item Button disabled on emptyDisables a button inside a Feed Item if the parameter is empty – parameter could be a Feed field or a global variable.
Set Feed Items IndexSet up a change for the items being shown/viewed as individual Feed Item Views. Having created a Feed Item View Component, select that Component from the dropdown and then set the mode for the change of item – Show Next, Show Previous, Loop, Random, Data bound Index.
Set Feed URLSpecify a URL to load a Feed List or an Animated Feed List from.
Set Filter on a Feed List

Allows you to apply a text search filter to a Feed List component from your project. For example, you may have a Feed List of properties for sale and you want to filter it to a particular suburb. You can search for text from a Text Entry component, or just text you specify.

Parameters are:

  • Search Box – select a Text Entry component that you want to be used for the search text (optional)
  • Search Text – enter your own search text. Only used if Search Box is not set.
  • Columns – specifies which columns in the feed will be searched. If blank, all columns will be searched.

To specify columns, type each one separated by commas. For example to search for columns named “title” and “suburb” you would put “title, suburb” into Columns.

Show Component if emptyIf parameter is empty then show the Component (i.e. make it visible) otherwise hide it.

Video tutorial on adding the Action ‘Set Filter on a Feed List’

Please Note: Again this video uses an older version of Umajin but it is still useful to have a demonstration of how to use the action, ‘Set Filter on a Feed List’. Although the CMS is now called the Dashboard the process remains fundamentally the same.