Clear Navigation History ┬áRemove all previous navigation history in the app. Your history then starts again from the page that you are on, as the first page. This can be useful when you sign out of the app and don’t want the Android ‘back button’ to take you back to the page you were on, when you signed out.
Close Menu Closes a specified menu if it is open.
Navigate Back Go back to the last page visited.
Notification with Page Change Create a device notification with an optional delay. It can have a popup show in the app if you set the popup message. It will also navigate the app to the selected page.
Open Menu Opens a specified menu if it is closed.
Select Toolbar Item If you have a Toolbar Component in your app, this action will let you set which is the highlighted/selected item on the Toolbar.
Set Menu Text Enter text in an Editor panel for the Menu Heading.
Show Page Navigate to a selected page using any one of the predefined transitions. Using the dropdown, select the page to navigate to. The dropdown will display all the pages you have created. Select the animation from a dropdown offering options such as None, Slide, Fade, Fly in, Cover flow, Rotate, Wipe, Burn, Ice, Page curl, Page fold. Select the direction of the animation from the dropdown – Auto, Forward, Backward.
Show Page by Name Using the same dropdowns as in the previous action navigate to a named page.
Show Web Page Open a web page in the user’s default web browser app. A Text Editor panel opens up to type the URL into. Please type in http:// before the URL. When the event is activated it takes the user to that web address.
Toggle Menu Toggles menu open and closed when activated.