Restaurant App Tutorial

The 3-part restaurant tutorial will get you familiar with Umajin App Creator and its features – by the end of the tutorial, you will have a fully functional app, complete with images, toolbars, links, actions and a product list.

Please Note: This video was created using Umajin version 1.2.0 and we have made a number of changes to the UI as well as some naming conventions.The basic process, however, remains much the same.

  1. The triple bar menu has been replaced with a more comprehensive top File menu – detailed functionality described in the Overview page.
  2. There are new icons and new categories for Components and Actions, along with a ‘search’ capability.
  3. We now refer to Apps rather than Projects.
  4. Assets are stored in a Resources Folder rather than the Project Folder. File>Open Resources Folder
  5. Templates are now called masters. The Templates tab is replaced by a Masters tab. (This avoids confusion with the new  Umajin Templates available on the website)
  6. The CMS (Content Management System) is now called Cloud Services/Dashboard.
  7. To indicate an Action has been added to a component, a lightning bolt displays rather than a capital letter A.
  8. The new Dialogs Tab provides some of the settings for your app previously done through the App Settings popup.

The concept is based on a Sushi House restaurant. All assets and content is provided in the Project folder (Resources Folder) and Project Dashboard (Umajin Cloud Services/Umajin Dashboard).

Written instructions accompany each tutorial but remember they are for version 1.2.0.  Enjoy and have fun!

PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions;