Creating Your First App

Follow along with this video to make your first app. You will be guided through the process and finish with an app which you will be able to see running on your own mobile device.

To follow along with this video, you will need to download and unzip this Asset Pack.

Please Note: This video was created using Umajin version 1.5.2 and we have made a number of changes to the UI as well as some naming conventions.The basic process, however, remains much the same.

  1. The triple bar menu has been replaced with a more comprehensive top File menu – detailed functionality described in the Overview page.
  2. There are new icons and new categories for Components and Actions, along with a ‘search’ capability.
  3. We now refer to Apps rather than Projects.
  4. Assets are stored in a Resources Folder rather than the Project Folder. File>Open Resources Folder
  5. Templates are now called masters. The Templates tab is replaced by a Masters tab. (This avoids confusion with the new  Umajin Templates available on the website)
  6. The CMS (Content Management System) is now called Cloud Services/Dashboard.
  7. To indicate an Action has been added to a component, a lightning bolt displays rather than a capital letter A.
  8. The new Dialogs Tab provides some of the settings for your app previously done through the App Settings popup.

PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions;