Basic Actions

Dial Number Get a Text Editor panel to type a phone number into. This number will be dialed on activation.
Open Map Show the location you request in the user’s default maps app. You type the requested location into the Text Editor panel.
Reset Page Resets the page back to its default (original) state. For example, positions and visibility of components are returned to their original settings. Useful to clear data entered into a form or to set an animation to a ‘ready to play again’ state.
Send E-mail Get a dropdown to enter the “To” email address into the Text Editor panel and the subject in another Text Editor panel. When the Component is activated it opens the device’s email browser so the user can compose and send the email.
Set Component Visibility Hide, show or toggle a Component in and out of view. Use the dropdown to select a Component from the page and then set it to Hide, Show or Toggle.
Set Dialog Visibility You can choose a custom dialog that you have created in the dialog pages tab and set it to either show or hide. Although the Editor currently has a drop down please note this action is not for showing or hiding the default system dialogs.
Set text for a Text Component Update a Text Component or Text Entry Component with the new text you have entered here. Having made your Text Component that you want to be populated with new text, select it from the dropdown of components on the page and then enter the text in the Text Editor.
Set Text in an HTML Article Add this action to an event on a component such as ‘On Press” on a Button Component. It enables you to add content to an HTML Article Component you have already added to your app.The content can be any HTML content – text, images or other objects that you have created and stored in the HTML folder for your app.
Set Toggle Button State Sets a Toggle Button to a desired state: toggled on, off, or the opposite of it’s current state.
Show Dialog by Name  Use this action to specify the name of the dialog you have created that you want to show. Please note if you enter a default dialog the action will not work in playmode and an error will show in the console log.
Show Image in an Image Zoomer Display a new image in the Image Zoomer Component that can be viewed by zooming around it. Select the Image Zoomer Component from the dropdown of components on the page and then type the name of the new picture file or specific URL into the Text Editor. Use in conjunction with the action ‘Zoom Image Zoomer’ which can be activated to zoom in or out when a button is pressed or some other event is triggered.
Show Popup Display a popup panel with your custom message on it. The dialog popup can be viewed and closed. Your message can be typed directly into the Text Editor panel.
Wait Set the number of milliseconds to wait before the next action is performed. The ‘Lock UI’checkbox is checked by default and means the user cannot trigger any other UI actions (such as clicking on another button) while waiting. Use case could be where the last action is the critical one.
Unchecking ‘Lock UI’ means the user will be able to stop any queued up actions. This would most likely be used for non-critical actions like a sequence of animations.
Zoom image zoomer Sets the Image zoomer component to zoom in or out on any image you have selected . Can be applied as an action to events activated on components such as buttons.