Advanced Actions

Advanced Actions are used where you want to connect with JavaScript functions.

Execute JS  Provide some custom JavaScript code, and have it run.
First Time Only  This Action will stop all Actions that come after it from running if they have ever run before (even if the app has restarted). You can reset their status so they will run again, with the Action, “Reset First Time Actions”.
Print to Console  Output a message to the Script Console Panel inside Umajin App Creator. Helpful when debugging your app.
Reset First Time Actions  There is an Action called “First Time Only” which will stop all Actions after it from running, if they have done so at all before, even if you have restarted the app. This Action will reset all of these First Time Actions to thinking they have not run before, so that they may fire again.
Set Component Focus  Sets the focus on the Component you designate.
Set Global Variable Sets a global variable such as myvar that can then be accessed by using [myvar] as an action parameter. Use this action to store values that you need to use later.
Touch Blocker Allows you to stop actions/touches from triggering actions behind the component you add it to. It is also useful for blocking/stopping default back navigation.