Data Driven Components

These Components allow you to configure content that can be changed without having to re-publish the app.

This content can be updated from the Umajin Cloud/Dashboard, or by Javascript that your apps may include; the source data can come from external sources such as websites, Facebook or Twitter or be maintained internally in the Umajin Cloud/Dashboard for your App.

Source Types for Feeds

When creating Feeds in the Umajin Cloud/Dashboard there is a dropdown headed 'Source Type' to allow for different types of data sources. Select from csv, xml, rss, jsn, product_list, Twitter, Facebook Posts, Facebook Events and a new source type called Cloud Folder.

If you navigate to theĀ folder called 'Cloud' in your app, you can put files/folders into it and then save so the files are uploaded. When you are creating the Feed you can either leave the 'Source URL' blank or put a subfolder into the source URL panel.


  1. Navigate to theĀ 'Cloud' folder in your app, add a folder called 'Presentations' and inside that create a file called 'intro.pdf'.
  2. Save Umajin App Creator.
  3. In your Dashboard for that app, under Dynamic, Feeds, create a new Feed with the 'Source Type' selected as 'Cloud Folder'.
  4. If you then enter 'Presentations' into the 'Source URL' panel you will get just the files from that subfolder.
  5. Click Save
  6. Now click 'Save and Refresh JSON from URL' .
  7. You should now have a Feed with several columns of data (name, bytes, ext, url)