Group Component

This component allows you to group components together so they can be moved and placed together on a page.

The main group component allows you to click the plus button and add components to your group. Each added component will be indented under the its group name. If you create a group component later in the scene tree and want to indent components into it, use the small arrows on the left side of the component. You can rearrange components in the scene tree like this as well. You can copy and paste the group component onto another page.

If you want the components in your group to resize to fit content, then you should take a look at the Layout Group component instead.

Properties for Group Component

Name When components are placed on a page they appear highlighted blue in the scene tree and can be renamed by double clicking in this panel and typing the new name. Components can also be set to be visible/invisible on the page, using the ‘eye’ icon on this panel.
Position and Size Sets position and size. As long as measurements are maintained as percentages it deals automatically with dynamic layout and resizing for different devices and orientations. You can use millimeters to control aspects of size like width or height in order to create a group that will be well positioned across devices.
Clipping Type Dropdown – options are None, Rectangle or Circle. The option selected will clip whatever is added to the group, to the bounds of that shape within the Group Component’s framework.
Opacity Set how opaque the group will display on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being totally transparent.

Events that can Trigger an Action on the Group Component

On Press Action occurs when component is pressed.