Camera Visualization Component

This component provides a means to visualize the camera depth data so users can have feedback on what the system is seeing.

The system provides multiple GPU rendering techniques a designer can customize to provide feedback to users on how they are being tracked by the system.

The camera gathers data using depth of view, from close up to far away. This component provides ways for users to visualize the data so they understand what the camera is seeing. The designer can use the properties of this component to customize the real time feedback the user receives.


Position and Size Sets position and size. As long as measurements are maintained as percentages it deals automatically with dynamic layout and resizing for different devices and orientations.
Effect Select the visual presentation from 3 options

  • Bands: Set bands of color to represent distance from the lens
  • Outline: Set the image to show an outline in a certain color
  • Gradient: Set a more gradual blurring of color to show distance from the lens
Color Use the 3 color pickers to set the color for close up, middle distance and farthest away.
Opacity Use the slider to set the amount of transparency on each color.
Distance Use the slider to set the depth of view for each color. As the hand moves the user can see by the color how close or distant their hand is positioned. Scale is 0 to 2000, with 0 being closest.

This component can also have an Action attributed to it, using the ‘On Press’ event. Any action from the Action Selector can be set to run when the hand is closed on an interface element.