Store List Component

Create a list of stores using the Dashboard. To include the store list in the app you simply reference the Store List ID to display all your locations.

Properties for Store List Component

Name When components are placed on a page they appear highlighted blue in the scene tree and can be renamed by double clicking in this panel and typing the new name. Components can also be set to be visible/invisible on the page, using the ‘eye’ icon on this panel.
Position and Size Sets position and size. As long as measurements are maintained as percentages it deals automatically with dynamic layout and resizing for different devices and orientations.You can use millimeters to control aspects of size like width or height in order to create text boxes that will be well positioned across devices.
Data Binding Linking to the Dashboard to bring in the data feed of listed stores.
Store list Click the diagonal upward arrow to take you to the App’s dashboard. You will have already entered Store lists into the Dashboard. They will have a name and a numerical ID.
Refresh arrows Refresh the feed from the Dashboard.
Master Dropdown to select your Master you have already created in your Master pages Tab. The master is like a container that will hold and display your store list.
Mapping The List Mapper accesses and links data feeds stored in the Dashboard to the components you have arranged on your Master.

Popup Messages

Network error There is a default message to say ‘Network unavailable’ but you can also click the ‘A’ panel to bring up the Text Editor and customize your message.

Events that can Trigger an Action on the Store List Component

On Press Action occurs when component is pressed.