Developer Notes

The Umajin App Creator can be augmented with JavaScript.  These sections will give you examples and a language reference for the JavaScript API.

JavaScript API

The Umajin App Creator JavaScript API allows developers to create custom components, feeds and actions you can use in your projects. You can download scripts, or create a new ones by puting a text file with the .js extension into the scripts folder of your project.

registerComponent(name, icon, title, description, callback_init, callback_resize, callback_refresh, property_list, event_list)

registerComponent registers a new developer-defined Component with Umajin. It is required that registerComponent be callsed to make a custom component defined in a Javascript file accessible from within the Umajin editor.
Components can be added to projects using the visual editor, and expose properties that can be set without coding.
Components are required to handle init, resize, and refresh events, but may also fire custom events that can be attached to actions within the editor.

registerFeed(callback, title, params)

registerFeed registers a programatic data feed in the Umajin editor. This code can make any network or database calls and generate the json as you see fit.

registerAction(name, icon, title, params)

registerAction registers a new Action with Umajin. It is required that register or registerAction be called to make a custom action accessible from within the Umajin editor.

General Functions

This is the majority of common JavaScript functions Umajin can address, it includes samples programs and details you will need to create your own components, feeds and actions. Click here

GameKit Functions

The GameKit is an advanced component which allows you to get access to the hardware capabilities of your devices. Hardware accelerated sprites and vector rendering provide a lot of power for things like games and real time charts. Click here